Course Curriculum

  • Managing risk while driving
  • Getting acquainted with the vehicle you will be driving    
  • Understanding vehicle space needs, control and balance    
  • Starting, moving and stopping the vehicle    
  • Traffic control devices    
  • Managing vision and perception while driving    
  • Managing time and space while driving    
  • Basic maneuvers in a low-risk environment    
  • Interfacing with other drivers on the road    
  • Effects of alcohol and drugs on driving    
  • Effects of distractions, drowsiness and emotions on driving    
  • Adverse driving conditions and emergencies    
  • Purchasing and insuring a vehicle    
  • General knowledge of major vehicle systems    
  • Travel planning, loading, towing and driving special vehicles


Matt and Erich both have their masters in education.  Together, the two of them have over 40 years of teaching experience and are certified driving instructors by the State of Nebraska.  Big Red Drivers Ed is licensed, inspected and audited by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles.


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Erich Whitemore

Matt Burg


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